Best Bike Helmets For Toddlers


The weather is nice and what better way to enjoy some great family time than taking out the bikes and riding with your kid’s in the park. However, if there is one thing that kids do not think about it is protection and we, as parents need to teach our children about taking care of themselves before they start riding their bikes.

Kids are not concerned about technical specs and just want to ride. We welcome you to our bike helmet review page and after doing a thorough research; we found some great bike helmets for toddlers to keep their heads out of harm’s way.

Stay a while and read on you may just find one suited for your little prince or princess.

Blue Ninja Bell Toddler Sprout Bike Helmet

Bell Toddler Sprout Bike Helmet

Bell Toddler Sprout Bike Helmet

For the little prince in your life safety is of the outmost importance when it comes to riding his bike around the yard. The Blue Ninja Bell Toddler Sprout Bike Helmet will be a hit with your little boy. This ninja designed helmet is sporty and will keep your toddler’s head protected in a bike trailer, child carrier, or if he is only starting to learn how to ride his bike.

Providing a true fit this is one of the best bike helmets for toddlers made for their small delicate heads. It features a pinch guard buckle to prevent chin pinches when strapped on. It has a true fit simple custom sizing design with 7 top vents to keep your kid’s head cool – while the high impact reflectors help to improve visibility.

The helmets specially designed for toddlers to grow with the helmet and includes padding to size up the helmet to fit their head comfortably. While the extended rear coverage provides enough additional protection.


Kid’s Giro Rascal Bike Helmet

Giro Kid's Rascal Bike Helmet

Giro Kid’s Rascal Bike Helmet

Kid’s are not concerning themselves about protection when it comes to enjoying bike ride, skateboarding and rollerblading – mom or dad needs to take care of this and the kid’s Giro Rascal bike helmet available in 12 cool color designs will keep their heads from unwanted harm.

This bike helmet for kids will fit both small/medium and medium/large heads designed with One Step™ fit system preventing chin pinches when buckled in place. Not only is it designed with in-mold construction it is lightweight with a high-performance polystyrene foam liner. With self, adjust system, it fits to size and keeps your child’s head from receiving hard knocks if they happen to fall.

Some other great features are the 12 vents to keep their head cool, a built-in visor, and integrated dual LED taillights for visibility that you can switch on/off.


Blue/YELLOW TODDLER Knucklehead Bicycle Helmet

Knucklehead Lil' Runt Bicycle Helmet

Knucklehead Lil’ Runt Bicycle Helmet

Do you enjoy riding your toddler around with you then you know they need the best protection when it comes to their delicate heads. The blue/yellow toddler Knucklehead bicycle helmets designed to keep their heads protected.

Designed with durable PVC outer shell and Ryafoam inner liner it also has an adjustable strap system with high impact EPS liner. The helmets designed to fit toddlers comfortably.


Toddlers Schwinn Classic Microshell Helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

Schwinn Toddler Classic Microshell Helmet

If you are looking for a bike helmet for infants and toddlers with smaller sized heads the Toddlers Schwinn Classic Microshell helmet is the one to buy. The helmets designed with four different prints to fit infant and toddler sized heads.

It has ten flow vents to keep your infant’s head cool and a dial fit system that adjusts for small to larger heads. Designed with extended coverage to provide enough security keeping your kids head protected – while the built in sun brims provides protection against the elements.


Infant/Toddler Giro Me2 Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant-Toddler Bike Helmet

Giro Me2 Infant-Toddler Bike Helmet

For the best toddler bike helmet 2015, Giro Me2 infant/toddler bike helmets provides you with protection, durability, ease of use and enough space for your child’s head to grow. Available in 8 different color designs it will fit ages 1 year and up.

It has a mini-loc fit system with a simple strap guide to adjust the helmet to fit your child’s head. With the Microshell design, it has a built-in bug net and a visor to keep their eyes protected from the elements. It provides enough airflow as it has 21 vents to keep their heads cool and a buckle that will not pinch their delicate skin.


Final Touch

Remember, when riding your bike enjoy it and take care. Thank you for taking the time to read our bike helmets for toddlers review. We hope that you find the best-suited helmet here making them look cool and protected while enjoying their outdoor activities with you!


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